Tuesday, April 21, 2009

essendon airport

One of the strange things about the place where Millie is hospitalised is that it is the (former, I suppose) Essendon Airport Terminal building. I don't know for a fact but since the various famous international bands of the 60s landed at Essendon Airport when they came to Melbourne (the Small Faces trip was, I think, notorious because there was the threat of prosecution when one of them opened a beer on the plane - or was that the Who?) you'd assume this was the building they passed through. Now I come to think of it the Queen of England, Elizabeth II, another celeb also landed there in '54. Well, now the place they probably walked through to a gaggle of admirers and press is an emergency animal hospital. Maybe it's the vibes of famous and talented people that Millie is soaking up and getting better on. This is not in itself a tremendously interesting video, it's just proof, though it is always funny when commentators have to commentate on things that aren't really happening. 'Nice wave from George there'. Good shots of the airport (or the 'drome' as the commentator calls it) buildings around the 8:00 mark but as I said, there's no need to watch it, particularly as I can't orientate myself enough to be able to say where the actual building I'm talking about is.


Bwca Brownie said...

there was a group Essendon Airport back in about 1980 ... was it Phil Brophy?or David Chesworth? or both.

I do hope Millie recuperates.

David said...

Chesworth. When you do a youtube search on Essendon Airport one of their songs comes up. They reformed you know, they play occasionally. Great band.

Ann oDyne said...

I think it was distributed by Missing Link ... but as they say, if you remember the punk era then you weren't there.

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tony said...

I remember arriving at Essendon in 1967 after a long flight from London. We had to change from Qantas to a TAA 727 in Sydney because there weren't any international flights to Melbourne at all.

Hope Millie and Charlie (and you and Mia) are doing ok.