Saturday, April 13, 2024

another mystery


I have often wondered about the casque atop 304 Racecourse Road, Flemington, but usually I only wonder about it for the time it takes for me to cross the road from Cheaper Buy Miles/KFL (two of my common weekly shopping stops) to the tram stop, then there are other things to think about. Well I am not really in a position to say anything more than that. A hundred years ago this building was a real estate agent (V. J. Rawsthorn acting on behalf of Sydney, Arnold, Best & Co; in 1929 SAB sold the business to Rawsthorn), but the structure in question looks more than a hundred years old. I think (they changed the numbering sometime in the early 20th century) that even in 1900 it was an estate agent - A. D. Langridge - but I wouldn't swear to that. 

Anyway I just want to know what's in it and why it's there, not even in that order.  

Friday, April 12, 2024


Here's a dull observation. I noticed this morning that there is a sign in the Gardiner Reserve (around the corner from this house) which designates a path in the park as part of Dryburgh St. I found this a bit stupid then I realised in fact that probably is official Dryburgh St as council (or someone) has taken a long wide street/avenue, and turned one lane into a path and expanded (or maybe just maintained) the central park space as an extension of Gardiner Reserve. You can see in the 1966 map below that it narrowed at this point even then but whoever was doing the colour was careful to denote that the space to the left of the road was not park. I wonder if there were ever other buildings? It's possible. Also, I wonder about the continuation of O'Shannassy St through the park. That was meaningless. 

Thursday, April 11, 2024


Had to go to Broady yesterday for reasons I am not yet ready to share, and went on the train, so took some paths not so travelled lately, it was sort of interesting. 

A couple of benches. The top one is, I suspect, a local handiperson's handiwork, and it's nicely done. The next is I imagine a council construction that some clever clogs has seen fit to burn, presumably on purpose. I mean these are never used, were never used before one of them was made unusable, as far as I know. 

I often have the experience of knowing something's gone but not knowing what it was, so this patch of grass intrigued me not a little because I was very certain that there was once a building of some sort here, but what the hell could it have been? Apart from anything else, clearly (not in the pictures, but in real life) access was very limited. Anyway, here I present my picture of an empty space. 

Monday, April 08, 2024

miffy marsh not in at the moment

For no special reason I got momentarily interested in Miffy Marsh, a channel 9 (mainly, though also a 7 and ABC) presenter who spent fifty years of her life as partner to Ernie Carroll, and no doubt doing many other things as well though I don't know what. Part of me being interested was discovering that she and her policeman husband Arthur lived in Box Hill. Since I had to go to Box Hill yesterday anyway, I figured I should spend a little moment checking out what a 1960s tv star's house looked like. They lived in at least two places, around the corner from each other. The above is the house listed in the 1960 Sands and MacDougall as Arthur Marsh's house. This is probably the house where Arthur 'pushed' Miffy to audition as a presenter. Below is the house they lived in when he died, in 1972, of causes presently unknown to me (it wasn't reported in the papers - ?!). 

Age 25 June 1959

Saturday, April 06, 2024


Been doing a few explores lately like for instance yesterday under the Tullamarine freeway bridge over the Moonee Ponds Creek. I mean I have been here before, quite a few times but not ever on this side of the creek where there is a surprise channel you have to, basically, wade across if you're a dog and find a weird bit of strange wood to hop onto if you're a person. It's manageable. Yesterday morning men were 'cleaning' the channel which seemed to mean just picking things up (like old shopping trolleys) and throwing them back down in the water, but maybe there was a grand plan. They also poked the water a bit with a pole. 

Monday, April 01, 2024

flook april 1954 (warning: outdated cultural stereotypes)


There's a day missing here (as far as I can tell, the strip for US newspapers 16 April 1954 was not published anywhere). Strangely, a lot seems to have happened in the three frames of that one day, but who knows what! 

Sunday, March 31, 2024

camberwell market

Nothing much to say about it actually. The last picture is of the only thing I bought. It was $2 and George Formby is an interesting figure. I just read about him on wikipedia and I am really worried about this line: 'George Formby was born George Hoy Booth in Wigan, Lancashire, on 26 May 1904. He was the eldest of seven surviving children born to James Lawler Booth and his wife Eliza, née Hoy, although this marriage was bigamous because Booth was still married to his first wife, Martha Maria Salter, a twenty-year-old music hall performer.' I really feel like there is something stunningly wrong with those sentences, but I don't trust myself today to identify a major error. Anyway. 

I did identify this error: at the record stall above (second picture) they had a copy of this record: 

They'd put a post-it note on the album saying it was rare, $95, and was by 'Toy Mahal'. Hey, I know that is what that looks like up there, and sure maybe they'd never heard of the actual Taj Mahal, but how did they look it up to find out who it was by, and not realise that it was by Taj Mahal not Toy Mahal? It was bad enough to be mansplained about some Beatles Let It Be era bootleg by some dufus, then this (oh and also another stall was playing a Kiss greatest hits tape, which reminded me, what is it with Kiss? What redeemable features did they have? I suspect none). 

I actually really like Camberwell Market, actually I really do. Also, it's not like I had a bad time or anything. It's just, you know, sometimes things get to me.

another mystery

  I have often wondered about the casque atop 304 Racecourse Road, Flemington, but usually I only wonder about it for the time it takes for ...