Saturday, April 18, 2015

lorraine crescent ten years ago: 'hurt my toe' (18 April 2005)

In more scintillating news, I hurt my toe on Saturday night walking down the unlit corridor, I banged it on the case of a bass our neighbour Ed leant us a few months ago. It, it being the toe, has since gone an angry crimson.
Sunday was alright in the scheme of things apart from my limping. We went to the Record Fair at Ukrainian House in Essendon. As it happened I didn't feel that much like buying records, so passed up on things that at other times would probably be milestones for me, like a single of Hush doing the Crunchie ad. The only thing I actually bought was a Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick and Tich album, which is alright in a halfway-betwixt-bubblegum-and-Manfred-Mann kind of way, but when it comes down to it who needs it? I didn't, but it cost $2 so who cares. Mia got some better things, a great Muddy Waters album on Chess with sleevenotes by Willie Dixon etc. Also Nico's The End and Sergio Mendez. Pretty decent really. The thing that really put me off I feel was the fact that we were there about midday and the record stall proprietors were eating food, which meant many disgusting smells and foul mouth noises. Also, I don't have that much money at the moment.
On returning I went back to the essays I am hoeing through with gusto. Got a lot done in terms of marking on the weekend which means I can return a big batch of essays to students today and will probably be able to return most to my Wednesday and Thursday class as well.
My sister and her family came over briefly, the girls retired to the music room quite fast and Olivia (almost 3, unless she's almost 4, though that seems unlikely) did a very creditable 'Do You Know the Way to San Jose'. Mia cleaned the house dramatically all weekend and I take my hat off to her. I couldn't have done it.
I have not kept a diary in about ten years, but every time I come across things I've written about day-to-day life in the past I am amazed at how little I remember. I don't remember it even if I write it down. In a related incident I got a book out of the library to aid me in a lecture and then, in notes on a similar subject, discovered I had read the book in its entirety and made notes on it, four years ago. I have absolutely no recollection of doing so.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

lorraine crescent ten years ago: 'A familiar tramp' (16 April 2005)

Went for a walk down by the wetlands/creek just before it got dark. Which it now is. Millie and Charlie were as usual incredibly excited. Charlie has been known many times before to bark uncontrollably at people she meets particularly if they have dogs. The barking still goes on but these days I think I notice a little restraint and something approaching a willingness to one day retire from this activity. Last time she and Millie met someone (not with a dog; some young guy who I couldn’t really see because he was in silhouette on the other side of the hill, not really even shouting distance if I’d wanted to shout) they were very gracious and pleased to see him, for no reason as I’m sure they didn’t know him. That was the first time I’ve known Charlie to meet someone happily. Well this evening she met two women with a spaniely-type dog; the women seemed to enjoy her barking but the spaniel ignored her totally. Then shortly after a woman with an Alsatian who wasn’t pleased. I am not sure how displeased the woman was (she had a prominent set of headphones on so she wasn’t really there) but the dog was against the whole scenario. Naturally Charlie went back for second barks and thirds. Oddly enough, after those events, which occurred just as we reached the ring road, the furthest point of the round-the-wetland walk, we didn’t see any other pedestrian or dog on the bike track side, which is usually far more crowded.
Down at that ring road end, however, I did see two herons. One was grey and small, another white and quite big, it looked too stylised and fragile to actually belong to nature. They were close together (though surely not friends or related?!) where the creek runs over rocks before it goes under the concrete bridge. Later, I saw another white bird in the middle of the wetlands area either with fantastically long skinny legs or sitting precariously in a tiny clump of reeds.
Young teens were doing footy training down at the oval. It is nearly time for Neighbours. Then an evening of marking papers and cleaning.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

lorraine crescent ten years ago: 'the thing is I have coffee issues' (15 April 2005)

For some reason I now can't recall, in around 2009 or 2010 I deleted the first few Lorraine Crescent posts from the site; now they're here again in a celebration of the first decade of your favourite blog... stay tuned

I find that when I drink coffee habitually, I become of course edgy and irritable, you expect that, but more annoyingly I (1) get very weary seemingly in proportion to the awakeness of a few hours earlier, and (2) I get very hungry (worst case scenario - I get really hungry for something sugary eg chocolate, which I very rarely crave). Neither of these things are pleasant (edgy and irritable is, of course, a delight). I have also experienced very unpleasant stomach pains, usually not from coffee itself but from its combination with other things eg orange juice. Maybe I should drink them separately (joke). Also - the whole original problem that made me think my excessive coffee consumption wasn't such a great idea - the sensation of having a numb liver. Anyone who hasn't experienced this feeling (as far as I know, I'm the only person who ever has) will find it an unusual idea, after all, who feels their liver most of the time anyway? But oddly enough its numbness is quite noticeable. And, of course, you have to think that really, it can't be good.
It's all very well to say I should give into it, but that presumes two things: one, that I really like it (but in fact I am long past that - I don't get much out of it at all, and find it really easy to resist) and two, that it's a cultural norm that you'd have to be weird to avoid. I'm lucky enough to live in a culture where (within what I consider reason, so I'm lucky in that, too) I can pick and choose which 'norms' I want to take on.

Saturday, January 03, 2015

what i learnt in 2014

1. The rental market in Melbourne is not just a license to print money, it is a license to punch you in the face until you give up all the rest of your money.
2. There are people I barely knew existed in 2013 who are actually great people, or at least, who were great people in 2014.
3. There is stuff called 'powdered greens' which people put on their food for extra, um, not sure.
4. The aeropress is the best way to make coffee at home.
5. There are people I reluctantly accepted as friends up until 2013 who I now happily acknowledge as, and who have shown themselves to be, just dicks.
6. I have a lot of resources.
7. Instinct by the Moles is a really great album. 

Sunday, December 28, 2014

obtuse self-flagellation

Just wanted to say I listened to an album from the early 90s I played on, for the first time in well over a decade, and I could not believe how embarrassingly poor it was. It's probably the same old subjectivity, like why you shouldn't read your friends' novels, or at least, imagine you can judge their value, but wow, this was a truly awful record. I went online and looked at some reviews of it. I could not believe how utterly bland the reviews were i.e. for some reason critics of the early-mid 90s could not appreciate how vile this particular album was/is. But I was more amazed that I, or we the band, had deemed it suitable for release. WTAF were we thinking? You can't suppress things anymore, if you hide them then someone else who cares but has no stake, will make them available. I'm not even naming what I'm talking about because I don't want to give it special status. But oh boy. What a stinker. Admittedly, I laughed a lot when I heard it, so I suppose the grossness of it is a happy thing, in a manner of speaking.