Saturday, April 18, 2009

millie: has been better

For instance she was much better, in the picture above from a couple of years ago. But yesterday Millie decided to break through the fence and go for a walk, and was hit by a car at about 10.30am or so. Millie is presently in hospital and worst case scenario, may lose one of her back legs. Thank yous go out to neighbours John and Jill, the Hume Ranger, Meadow Heights vets, Essendon Animal Emergency Hospital. Updates as they come to hand.

Update Sat pm: Got a call from the vet at Essendon, Nicole, who has been tremendous. She says they were able in surgery to sew up the entire wound but there is a ruptured ligament. I don't really know what this is but it is serious apparently. It will be a few days before anything is really known about Millie's ultimate condition. It seems pretty likely she will never be 100% but it is much less likely than it was 30something hours ago that the accident will kill her.

Update Sun afternoon: Millie was bleeding into her abdomen last night, but this morning this appeared to have stabilised, if it has (fingers crossed), she will be coming home Wednesday. Leg condition remains unclear and will probably need more work.

Monday: bleeding may or may not be continuing but I saw her this evening and she looked a hundred times better than she did on Friday. In one sense that wouldn't be hard, but in another, it's an amazing change.

Tuesday: I saw Millie this morning, she was walking - in a way that a week ago I would have rushed her to the vet for, of course - with three feet bandaged and obviously some pain, but it's remarkable. Bleeding is still being monitored. They are happy with her progress however. I tried to take a picture of her but she wouldn't stay still or far enough away, both things I am pleased about really.

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bls said...

all my love and thoughts to you and mia and charlie. i am so sorry you're having to go through this, but i am so thankful millie will be with you for a while longer.