Saturday, April 25, 2009

essendon airport again

We had to take Millie back to the Essendon Animal Accident Emergency place again because our ordinary vets' was closed for Anzac Day (what would Simpson's Donkey have done?) and she needs her bandage changed every day (her progress is very good). So I had a few minutes so I went into the terminal. Much to my surprise, astonishment and awe it is very similar to Launceston Airport. You know what Launceston Airport's like? I felt like I was at Launceston Airport, true!

Weirdly, Essendon Airport is quite elevated, so that across the landing field you just see mountains. It is quite disorienting. There are over a million people in houses and other buildings between you and those mountains, but you can't see them.

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Anonymous said...

Hello David,

I am curious about the name of your blog. I grew up on Lorraine Crescent in Hobart. My name is David, I am a Taurean and a fan of Laughing Clowns. Seems a bit of a strange coincidence.