Wednesday, April 01, 2009

norman gunston interviews mick jagger

You can see why this clip doesn't get too much of an airing as a Gunston classic. People don't imagine Jagger to be quite this incredibly clueless, as he clearly was for a lot of this. It dawns on him - kind of - after a while.


Ann oDyne said...

That is more a reflection on the total stupidity of The Press of the era, than on Jagger.
If you could just be him for a second: a constant repetition of eejit questions ... the foundation of the Gunston schtick.
Watching Bill Nighy last night with Kerry oBrien, both Just Doing Their Job, and thinking how performers hate the obligatory Press Promo of their latest effort - tour, film or record.
Recently seeing (at Ballarat gallery John Lennon thing)
the old newsreels of Beatle interviews by aggressive, confrontational journos was sickening.
basically just saying Whaddareya!?

and the Jagger that met NG, was used to all that, and being polite n all. Sir Mick's not dumb - he just had shockin sartorial sense till he met Maureen aka L'Wren.

zoot said...

For more of what Ann is talking about watch "No Direction Home" and see what the media were doing to Dylan a few years earlier.
I think the quintessential Gunston was his performance as part of the pack surrounding John Denver who had just stepped off the plane from America, or wherever.
In amongst the usual serious questions like "How do you like Australia" and "What's your next album", Norman appeared and asked (also very seriously), "What colour are your socks?"
It ran on every TV news that night. Obviously the editors didn't realise they were the subject of a pisstake.