Thursday, April 30, 2009

millie update/ me update

Millie still has her bandage on, which is bothering her, but worse, Millie and Charlie spent a substantial amount of time home alone this afternoon and when I got home Millie had busted the scab on her nose, which meant she had blood splashes all up her snout. It didn't look that attractive and really was quite disturbing. I guess this is all part of the good thing that she is actually feeing a bit better, more lively, and therefore reckless. I certainly can't imagine how she sustained that damage however, especially as she had the buster collar on. I dabbed at the cut ineffectually with some antiseptic.

As for me, I have been suffering in the last couple of days from something that is giving me headaches and making me lose my appetite, though I feel much better this evening and actually will probably cancel tomorrow's doctor's appointment on the basis that I have a lot of living to do.

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