Thursday, April 23, 2009

i am patting millie with one hand and guess what typing this with the other and listening to a bbc documentary about sandy denny with my ears. i am wondering whether the following is just bad grammar or whether it is a question of, some people's lives being just the first stage of their 'career' - if they're any good of course.

anyway off to the vet's in 10 mins for a dressing change.

* later I suppose a lot of people would read that bit about 'both her songs' and think, what, she only had two songs?! Like the Reynolds Girls?

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Ann oDyne said...

fer chrissakes you don't expect decent grammar in a program synopsis (or in blog comments I hope).
I loved Steeleye Convention or Fairport Confusion, and I had tea once with Maddy Prior, but I can't remember which group had the Aussie Trevor Lucas - maybe both.
Imagine a folkie drummer - go Dave Mattacks.