Friday, February 24, 2012

neighbours 2012

I watched Neighbours on the Neighbours website butand I kind of forgot what it was about, already. It seemed to go on a long time. I think Kate went to Dad's Party with Rhys. I think Lou came back or did I dream that.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

neighbours 2012

I had a great ride home - I went down Reynard. As I said to Mia, the Reynard route is almost perfect, except that at the end you go down a big hill and you have to then go up a big hill... that was my mistake. But I will work on it next week and sort out a route that avoids that dip, and things will go better. The upside is if you cross Bell St just near the Mary Poppins kindergarten, you go down a really weird set of streets, very uncommon for Melbourne.

Meanwhile Kyle told Kate off, with Jade behind a tree. I think Paul decided to adopt Sophie but I'm not entirely sure as Mia was telling me about a real life soap opera that was arguably more interesting i.e. Chris Gorman may or may not have broken his arm.

The bushes outside Kyle-Jade-Rhys' house really need work.

Kyle: 'taking off after another chick, pretty bad form. I realise that now.' The resolution of the valentine's day massacre arc. Hurrah. When is Jade going to admit she's damaged goods? Instead Sonya's telling her to run Kyle a bath. Oh boy.

I guess Sonya's nursery - the set thereof - is the old allotment. How about all these cross-cuts, or am I misappropriating misunderstood technical terms.

I still haven't watched The Straits. Should I? People say it's really good.


Achewood was more or less out of action in 2011, which was a huge shame but like a lot of things, they can't go on forever. Although it's come back now, it's come back much more obtuse (still very enjoyable though), but yesterday's instalment - a break from the current very esoteric though no doubt all will be revealed storyline - was a wonderful throwback to the good old days.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

neighbours 2012

So Rani was sitting on the bed, listening to her iPod, and Sophie was just sitting underneath it? Huh?

Now the ads are on, I'll just mention what else I've been doing lately. I've been riding the brompton (no, it's not a bike, it's a brompton - actually it's a Brompton) a lot, and I'm loving it, even when it's hot and gruelling. I don't know why. I particularly enjoy it as the ride home goes on, because I get to go through Pascoe Vale and North Coburg, both of which are charming places. And once I'm in the 19th century grid of the northern suburbs I can basically go a different way each time, more or less, always know where I'm headed and at the same time I'm, you know, going a different way each time. Also of course I can listen to podcasts (this morning it was This American LIfe, this afternoon it was In Our Time and Thinking Allowed).

Karl wears shirts like mine. I guess I'm his age. Maybe. I just looked Alan Fletcher up and he's 8 years older than me.

I see Sophie did mention Harry just then. That's a relief. I thought maybe he'd been unmade.

Monday, February 20, 2012

neighbours 2012

I'm sorry I kind of lost track of what was happening in Neighbours the last couple of weeks, but luckily now I'm back on it I see very little has changed. Kate is still in Port Douglas, the only difference being sex with surftaneous boyfriend has curled her hair (geez I have got meaninglessly coarse, I mean just look at the post below). Rhys, according to today's Neighbours teaser, is going to crush Toadie and Sonya like ants. He seems to be giving them fairly good advice at this point but what would I know. I wonder if he is charging them for this offhand consult. What is the age difference between Callum and Sophie? Seems like he's 9 and she's 29. I reckon Karl should have scheduled an appointment with Sophie just like Rhys should have scheduled one with Toadie and Sonya.

According to Karl, Rhys has monkeys.Well, he's talking about the affect of caffeine on Rhys' monkeys' sperm count. I imagine that will be one hell of a scene when he does his expermiments.

As per Karl and Paul's conversation a few weeks ago about raising children, where Paul's huge amount of children was ignored, now all this stuff about how Sophie only has Kate, what about Sophie and Kate's brother, Harry?

Kate is so going to go back to Ramsay Street.

Channel 11 always spills over7 pm with Neighbours. I blame Labby and Stav.

Monday, February 13, 2012

neighbours 2012

Mia says 'your blog should go back to other stuff. There's too much Neighbours stuff. Write about your real life.'
But this is so much more interesting - especially now, when i have no idea what's going on (again). (No, I didn't have time to go back and look at previous eps on the website). Exheadmaster Michael doesn't want to go into the girl's toilets because he will have a psychotic episode with weird camera angles. Paul is in Port Douglas trying to find Kate, great approximation of PD police station (I admit I've never been). I see Neighbours people are advertising Impulse now. Dull.
I wonder what Summer did to Michael to create a buzzing sound when he collapsed. So he collapsed in the girl's toilet? Why do people think he has trauma to deal with? I don't get any of this.
Then we watched the news. Whitney Houston.

Friday, February 10, 2012

neighbours 2012

I've been in Perth all week so the only Neighbours I saw this week was a little moment yesterday when everyone went outside to the pool for a few minutes. That was when I learnt that Sophie had gone wild at the high school and smashed up a toilet and been expelled. Also there was a funny moment when Paul and Karl were in conference over what to do about Sophie with the fan on them and mosquitoes in a kind of tropical meltdown.* Not sure why Paul doesn't have air con but it made a good setup. Now we are enjoying a vignette re: Toadie and Sonya doing different work. Intriguing. A contretemps between Sophie and Paul was also most engaging, and what was particularly interesting was the way that Sophie seems entirely unable to mask her deepest psychological issues.

Then there was an adbreak that lasted about 9 minutes.

Speaking of nutty women, Sonya's ovulating and that has apparently made her severely manic to the xth degree.

I have to go and pick Mia up from the train station but wow, I guess I'm going to have to back and watch the whole week's worth on the ATV-0 website.

* Also it was intriguing that when Karl ribbed Paul about his lack of experience when it came to parenting, all Paul could come up with was one son - not, like, his 8 living and 2 dead children in the past (that's an exaggeration but not much of one).

Friday, February 03, 2012

Thursday, February 02, 2012

neighbours 2012

I don't care much for this Audrey story - unlike most of Neighbours (aside from the formal lesson plans) it's too much like real life. Anyway, I suppose if Audrey actually does die, they'll have to change the opening credits, and I guess that'll be the opportunity to bring in Priya's family. Priya is such a dork. I suppose this will change when she has that affair with Callum. As for Freya Stafford and Michael Williams stuck under a table in that rather suggestive arrangement, who wants to think, let alone know, about that! At least we weren't then shown a train going into a tunnel.

neighbours 2012

Last night we went to dinner for Elizabeth McCarthy’s birthday, I twas really pleasant, Le Bangkok. So I didn’t get to watch Neighbours. So now I’m watching it this morning. It’s not as great in the morning as it is in the evening. That said, this is a great scene between Sophie and Corey (back in his spiderboy outfit) in Harold’s. As for Andrew the junior magnate, who cares. Rani and her Bollywood thing geez Neighbours is still like some old person who can't help trotting out the stereotypes, it's like seniors reading out signs on the road. Speaking of stereotypes Callum’s (aka Fatty Finn) ‘cool new milkshake flavour’, ‘7% choc, 20% caramel, the rest is malt’. How about Priya quizzing Michael Williams on why he ‘chose to deviate from the syllabus in Year 9’ ON THE FIRST DAY. He is so going to quit in the next week or so, and go on a killing spree with Freya Stafford like the old days. Where’s Tash going to stash her earrings. Speak of the devil (Freya Stafford) she brought an apple for the teacher, that’s so Glenview High.