Friday, April 24, 2009

millie: weekiversary of The Accident

Well, Millie is no longer constipated, that's for sure (if I said 'I'll never look at black pudding the same way again' you'd know what I meant, but truth is, I never looked at black pudding with anything but revulsion anyway: and I was pleased to see what Millie produced, given her system's reluctance in previous days). She is still sleeping a lot which I think is a good thing, particularly because when she decides to do something, it's a hassle. She will sometimes let the bad leg touch the ground, which is probably a good sign too, though she gives no indication that she can use the thing at all (except to steady herself). I haven't actually seen what the damage looks like, that's a pleasure reserved for a few days' time when the bandage formally comes off (the dressing is being changed daily however). She is very sooky and if I was into anthropormorphism I'd say she's trying to say 'I'se sowwy faw de twubble I cawsed.' (Her stomach looks more mottled than it usually would at the moment, ie in the picture above, because it has been shaved, I think there was some kind of morphine implant in there until recently.)

It cost us a fortune to hospitalise her and it's continuing to cost - daily vet visits which we can ill-afford, frankly. However it is silly to reduce a dog like Millie down to $$$, quite apart from her intrinsic value she's a good guard dog and has brought joy to the lives of many.


Bwca Brownie said...

The way we each care for an animal in our lives, is the indicator of how we care for humans in our lives.
The $$$ is the cost of being guilt-free too.
Keep up the good work.

David said...

Not sure how guilt would come into it, BB. I think there's another concept in the back of my mind that is being pandered too... 'responsibility' or something. But I agree with your first sentence 100%. Do you think it works vice-versa - does caring for people make you care for animals? I think it should but I'm not sure if it does.

lucy tartan said...

My Bloglines isn't picking up your blog feed any more for some reason so I haven't checked your blog for a week; really, really sorry to hear about what happened to Millie and glad too that she appears to be making a very good recovery.

David said...

Thanks LT. Yes, I think she's on her way back. I can't believe I wrote 'pandered too'. Why didn't I go the whole hog and write 'panda'd'.

Fabric Nation said...

Hope Milly is OK. Our cat was run over and the vet said she would have to have her tail cut off! I know its not in the same league as a leg, but she did get better and still has a perfect tail! Not sure how that helps! But hope she is OK.