Thursday, April 02, 2009

the pink flamingos singing 'virginia'

Have we talked about this? Well, maybe, but how good is it! I particularly like the way just after the 1 minute mark Virginia's crotch appears to be steaming out of lust for Dave and the frustrations of communication in the days of the dial telephone, then you think perhaps she just got wet in the rain and is sitting on the heater, then you realise she is smoking the smokyist cigarette EVAH. I liked the fact she tried to appeal to Dave early in the piece being a blue lady, but someone must then have told her that it was Graham Brazier who sang that song because she goes, in the nicest possible way, purple. Note at 1:35 Dave's hilarious simulation of a junkie nodding off. Hey, you know what Shane? There are better songs on this album, ('In your chevrolet', 'The party') yes I'm talking about the one with the green cocktail spilling out and the foot, but this is up there. UP THERE. Filmed in Wellington, I've spent time at that bucket fountain sculpture, story is it was a pragmatic piece of art made from leftovers which is now a national institution, that's the story, no doubt someone can tell me the reality.


boy moritz said...

Leave me out of it!

Anonymous said...

that was a great song. I used to have that album and foolishly i believed you when you'd send me a copy. Come on David, deliver mate! I want my pink flamingoes - promises promises as johnny topper remarked to me about you! Great song though your taste is ok - at times.