Saturday, April 18, 2009

charlie: definition of freaked out

Many enquiries about Millie's welfare in the last day and a half, and a goodly percentage of those kind souls have also asked about Charlie's feelings. She is totally freaked. This afternoon I took her to the park where she barked at everyone and then about 10 mins from home we were approached by a gangly brown dog and Charlie ran the whole way home.


t-k said...

I hope Millie makes a full recovery, and nevermore goes a-wandering alone.

Charlie knows that beagles belong in the beagle set and an unattached beagle will do things illegal.

Ann oDyne said...

I couldnt read past the RSS feed-line re Millie,
so I am glad to get this post that she is recuperating.
Cat Politics blogger has just had a cat death, and so has my closest friend. Millie would think that was funny of course.

peace and love

David said...

I don't know if Millie would find a cat death funny - but probably she would find it very interesting.