Wednesday, April 01, 2009

last words with jeff wegener on drums

Good song too. i don't think JW actually played on the record.
Still, that should be a kind of 'kitchen sink' phrase shouldn't it, only more positive. 'It's got every fucken extra you could imagine mate... and wegener on drums!' like, it's the absolute best you could imagine.

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Ann oDyne said...

oh the Laughing Clowns ... nostalgia for the era when there was a buzz about gigs, anticipation of new and exciting nights.

The incredible night when Radio Birdman first played in Melbourne
(Laurie Richard's Tiger Lounge at The Royal Oak on Bridge Rd) ...

but then I also remember the first night The Masters Apprentices played Melbourne (Ormond Hall, and hell, I've still got the flyer!
In those days when leaving a gig, punters would be handed small cardboard tickets with a list of bands* on them, promoting other gigs. * if you can imagine that suburban venues presented 4 bands in a night.
I am digressing though. Rock ON.