Thursday, April 23, 2009

Proper Millie update

Well, I took the day off work to look after Millie (what I wrote below was just pre- a 9 am vets' appointment) and of course 'work from home', which despite the inverted commas I am actually going to do. Then I took her to the vet and he wants to sedate her and change the dressing on her leg so I am now looking after the refreaked Charlie for a few hours till I pick her up in the early afternoon. I imagine this is what taking junior to childcare is like. So, now I am going to write a first draft of this overdue book chapter. But you don't care about me, you care about Millie. She is in pretty good shape all things considered and for someone who was probably in the top ten Melbourne dogs about to lose a leg (or perhaps even put down) she is looking fine. The graze on her nose is no longer vivid red so she doesn't look like someone's beaten her up from the front, either. She can go up stairs - but not down and she has apparently been quite constipated the last few days. She is also extremely sooky. But fortunately she seems to appreciate the gravity of her condition.

I worked out a couple of days ago that since Millie was around New Years Eve 1999, she must be ten and a half, not nine and a half as previously believed. Seems to make a big difference.

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Ann oDyne said...

doh yeah ... in dog years.

Keep her away from the stairs, up or down. you did say 'stairs'?

stairs are bad for even healthy dogs.
get her some Schmackos - they have a magic ingredient I'm sure.