Monday, April 13, 2009

playlist for last night's 2 to the valley

Yes once more Muggins did a fill-in for Alison on Two to the Valley on 3CR. Managed to get quite a bit done.

Mambo Jambo - Brute Force Steel Band
Hear that train - Ella Jenkins
Friends to go - Paul McCartney
Tina's gone to have a baby - Red Krayola
In my Chevrolet - Dave McArtney and the Pink Flamingoes
Punky's Dilemma - Simon and Garfunkel
When I do - E-Wah Lady
Heart on my Sleeve - Bryan Ferry
1000 AD - Native Cats
Water Down - Native Cats
Michelle - Norman Habel
Sunday Morning Coming Down - John Laws
Suspicion - Bonzo Dog Band
Embassy Cafe - Hydroplane
Dead Meat - Sean Lennon
Bad Education - Blue Orchids
Whatever - Flywheel
Stimulation - Wa Wa Nee
Opus 40 - Mercury Rev
Your Disco Needs You - Kylie Minogue
U.G.L.Y. - Daphne and Celeste
No More Rock and Roll - Schoolly D
Eskimo - Versus
We are the Future - Billimari Public School Year 7

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