Monday, April 27, 2009


I got an ipod for my birthday, an ipod nano. I am still getting my head around how ipods work. Do they really exercise that much control over things you can and can't play? Like, I have a few bits and pieces sitting in i-tunes that are from vinyl, and although the ipod is happy to appear to load them up ('upload' them, I think is the term) it won't play them. Perhaps this has nothing to do with ipoddery or itunism, and just something to do with the format of the song in question. I have also discovered that my Empire of the Sun CD actively refuses to go inside the computer, it just jumps out again. Is this the new breed of copy protect? I ask because the first Sleepy Jackson CD was copy protect, though the second wasn't, and this one doesn't say one way or the other whether it is or not, but I have discovered I can download a few EOTS songs from the internet, but there is no way my first i-tunes purchase (if I ever do purchase anything from i-tunes) will be songs I already own on a CD, I don't care how much that is technically the legal avenue. Anyway, ipods are pretty amazing. And so is the EOTS album, in a funny throwaway way.

* Later: Mia says it has nothing to do with where the music came from, but it has to be coverted to MP3. I have literally no idea how to do this.


deskbound said...

The key to coverting the mp3 is to wear a really good disguise, use an assumed name and have a water-tight alibi.

Adam said...

do you have a mac or a pc at home? The easiest way I know to convert a piece of audio to mp3 is to have it open in iTunes (and highlighted) and then click on the ADVANCED menu - there should be an option there called "convert to MP3" or "Create MP3 version" or something.

David said...

the only option it gives is create aac version. what the fuck is that