Wednesday, April 01, 2009

kiss army

I actually, for some strange reason, wanted to post 'I might be a punk but I love you baby', for which a video was made, but it's not available on YouTube sadly. It should be because it's such a great song. This is an adequate substitute for now though. I actually bought this record when it came out. Funny that at that time I wouldn't have purchased a Kiss record in a fit, but I was happy to pay for, and play, a record that was basically 'I was made for loving you' with parody words. Actually once I wrote that down it no longer seemed strange at all. Different jokes in this 'live' version but perhaps the funniest thing about the whole clip is the absolute inability of the Countdown audience to know what to do. Fair enough really how do you mass-appreciate-sardonic-parody-of-something-you-love-or-are-at-least-meant-to-love? I am sure their 'yay' at the end (if it's not a dubbed pre-recorded 'yay') was a yay of relief more than anything. On the record NG did a more Hitleresque outro than he did here...


Ann oDyne said...

Gary/Norman's material was written by Morris Gleitzman father of one of The Chaser guys.
I still have a 'Salute To ABBA' badgewith NG on it, and I have Beta video of 'Punk' - the timing/context is significant in that it was right on the eve of punkness.
Was it the Lamington label?
I know their Aunty Jack picture disc was the first in Australia, maybe thats how the entanglement with McDonald began.

No profit was made on either, I can tell you that.

David said...

Ann I believe in another incarnation you were involved in the Lamington label. This song was released on 7 Records, which you might also know something about. Salute to Abba was a hit on Lamington... maybe I'll post that too, for what it's worth.