Thursday, April 02, 2009

maybe you had to be there??

Ann O'Dyne made comments on earlier postings re: NG, maybe she has something to say particularly about this record, which I think she was (in a previous life) involved in...? Garry McD is a living national treasure I'd forgotten (reading that wikipedia entry brought it back) that he was in Picnic at Hanging Rock for a split-second, everyone in the audience when I saw it laughed when he appeared on screen, though he did nothing at all funny.


Ann oDyne said...

OK I followed the Wiki.
Thing like that makes anybodys realtime memory a waste really.

That The Golden Weeks special was THE Most Brilliant thing, and I would pay good money to see it again. Brilliant.

The wiki mentions The Checkout Chicks without mentioning Noeline Brown and Julie McGregor being brilliant in it. One of them had a name badge 'SIGOURNEY'.

Ann oDyne said...

Mr McDonald and Brod Smith, are the best harmonica players in Australia, not that it's evident in Salute To ABBA.

His great comedic talent is up there with Peter Sellers and Tony Hancock (oh wait, they were both sad sick twisted unhappy guys in real life).

lucy tartan said...

I wish I'd seen this before writing last week's lecture on 1970s Australian short stories. It's really hard for the yougn folk to understand much about the stories when they have no idea about the 1970s.