Sunday, January 22, 2012

peggy seeger

Last night we went to see Peggy Seeger at the Oakleigh Caravan and it was an inspiration. The audience was a sedate bunch of older people (over 60s mainly I am guessing) and they did not mind a singalong, which suggests to me they might have been folk afficianados from way back, but I might just be romanticising. PS to my mind was best when playing her clawhammer banjo, but also marvellous with her long-bodied acoustic guitar. By the time she got to the piano it was more whimsy than anything. Some songs she sang a capella. She had some truisms in a looseleaf folder which she recited occasionally. I enjoyed it very much.

There were two young drunks (a man and a woman) up the back near us who were whooping and stomping and interjecting, much to the intense fury of others around. I found them annoying too but I found the response to them even stranger. PS was, I think, oblivious.


boy moritz said...

There I thought you were doing a postscript to your mind.

faizy said...

nice post