Thursday, January 26, 2012

neighbours 2012

I already liked Sharpies (the pens), or should I say, I did at one stage really like Sharpies. Now they’re being sold to me so constantly on Channel 11 as a groovy thing that writes only groovy words and designs, I am somewhat over them. I also have something stuck in my molar which is bullshit. Labby and Stav are also very annoying. I must say I am keen to hear more about this show The Loop, is it my demographic? Apparently it’s been going two weeks. I should watch it on Saturday. These presenters seem kind of old. However, how weird to ask as a music question ‘what was the name of Eric Clapton’s band?’

In the opening credits of Neighbours, Karl and Susan are with a silky. Who is it?

The recap of the show was all about exes. Kyle is still wearing his Dead Kennedys t-shirt. Jade is still wearing her skirty pants outfit. So I guess the last few days of Neighbours have been one day – yesterday, because they’re talking about how they’re going to go to an Australia Day barbecue ‘tomorrow’. How weird that Tash, who when I last watched Neighbours in 2011 was pretending to be pregnant, is now musing over whether someone is ‘pregnant or too much pasta’ in a magazine. I wonder what her massive, massive, massive earrings are all about.

Kyle’s name, particularly as pronounced by many on this show such as Sonya, sounds a lot like ‘Karl’ which would make for fun if it could be incorporated into a storyline. Lucas and Kyle are in the same boat really. Sonya is wearing an amazing silk tent today, I don’t know why, it’s very orange.

Chris is apparently too dirty to be seen out, according to Tash, yet curiously he has absolutely no dirt on him. I guess Chris is the new Charlene – works in a masculine trade such as the auto mechanics, likes guys. If Tash so wants Aden and Chris to get together why doesn’t she dak them and push them in the bushes. Man, her sexual tension over their reluctance (or at least Chris’) to get it on is s-c-a-r-e-y. (Later: ‘I’m not forcing them to pash or anything’ she says.)

I have to say that although I have loved the last three (or has it only been two) weeks of Neighbours, I am somewhat feeling the urge to give it a miss for a day or two as not much is really happening (and I am becoming massively sick of the ads for instance that stupid overdubbed Star Trek ad). I wish Dr Rhys was doing something really, really evil and so on.

Kyle just told me and Jade that Zeke Kinski disappeared for two months and that he thought he’d killed him. I wonder what did happen to Zeke. I guess I will have to check that online again sometime, ‘cos you’re not going to tell me. I see Aden just dropped a Half a Cow reference. Interesting. He must be into (I’ll insert a gay nurse half a cow band reference later).

Ugh a kiss. (Jade/ Kyle)

That’s not a tent Sonya is wearing, it’s a parachute, no doubt to disguise her ovulation window.

Ugh another kiss (Emilia / Lucas) a less horny one though.

I’m really hyped about The Loop. 9 AM Saturday! I think I might watch it. You probably want me to blog it. Look, I don’t blog everything I watch on TV you know. Like I don’t blog The Simpsons when I watch that f’rinstance. Or The Mentalist etc or when Mia watches Hell’s Kitchen or Nigella and I am too bored to leave the room.

Hey someone with a speaking part just put an icepack on Aden’s eye. Must be serious – I mean, speaking part.

Dr Rhys and Erin are back tomorrow, that’s a relief, I need more evil.

Then it ended! It was grand, can’t wait for Friday’z.

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