Friday, January 13, 2012

neighbours 2012

I missed a lot of yesterday's episode because I had to go to the airport and pick Annabel up. This was not an issue (and of course it was lovely to see her), because I could easily catch up on the Neighbours site, but you know, that's not the way to really watch real TV - if you miss shit, you miss it, no biggie.

In fact, having watched probably about 4000 episodes of Neighbours in the last 25 years, I find that one of the best bits of watching Neighbours is to miss bits of it and make up the bits you miss. Who are the guys (are they really called Labby and Stav?) who host inbetween shows on 11 in the afternoons? This guy in a devil costume with his face superimposed on a baby's head looks so much like John Howard. The rest of the time he looks like woman I used to work with.

They should alternate the bit in the beginning when Lou bowls Sophie out with a scene where she bats. Don't you reckon? That would stop it seeming like it was the same mundane meandering day in day out.

Lucas and Freya Stafford are driving up to Eden. Freya Stafford is Tash's father's sister, and there are a lot of cushions on that couch. Kyle is being really pushy about the 'couple thing' with Jade. When Kyle says 'Jade, I fixed your bed, I didn't build you the Taj Mahal', I thought 'oh yeah, what happened to Taj, as played by Jaime Robbie Reyne?' Hey I didn't realise Sophie was a gothy bass chick. Where have I been all this time?

I wonder what Kyle is saying wrong here. He wants to take Jade down the Peninsula, I wonder what that means to her. Dr Rhys (if that really is him, I have no idea real idea what he looks like, I always just look at his fine new threads not his head) is pushing the limits of Kyle and Jade's so-called relationship. I am sure Jade looks very very different from how she looked last year, so I didn't recognise her at first. Jade is a bad name for a person, it's like being called Bore or Deadene. Wow, there's a Kyle-Jade showdown in the works.

Sophie is talking about a band called I think Red Coffin, or Red Copy, or Red Coughing. Andrew's first question in that absurd scottish-hungarian accent of his is, 'are they signed?' (Or it might have been, 'are they sane?').

I broke my rule of researching and discovered that Freya Stafford is not Tash's father's sister but his sister-in-law, or rather, the sister of Tash's dead mother. I had to check this out because when Tash's father got Freya Stafford into the car to go to Jan Juc the close-ups and so on seemed awfully incesty if they were actual siblings. So that's a relief.

Mind you Home and Away had unknown-sibling incest and no-one even discussed it once the scriptwriters decided that the two characters, who had previously been in a relationship, were actually long-lost brother and sister. Jade can't cut a pineapple or open a drawer, so now I feel a particular empathy with her. She appears to have scratched her toe with cutlery. I think she's broken it.

Andrew just looked at the facebook page of the band Sophie likes and they are called Red Cotton. But you know I'm sitting here with facebook too and there is no such thing, at least, there are a couple of bands called Red Cotton (shitty name!) but they don't have thousands of fans. Neighbours, you owe it to us to fake Neighbours life into the real world as much as possible!.

Andrew is getting Sophie to do an online media campaign for Red Cotton. Her favourite member of the band is 'the guitarist'. We didn't see any Toadie today so that was good.

The closing credits go too fast.

Anyway, it was a great 'ep'. Can't wait for next week's!

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