Thursday, January 12, 2012

neighbours 2012

The end of Sabrina featured Martin Mull.

Tash, a character I have never fully understood (last time I saw her she was faking pregnancy, she always seems to be bad or is she just troubled and will become benign, like Donald Duck?). I think she has been mentioned by name and appears in the opening credits (in the pool with Sky), but hasn't appeared. Freya Stafford is in this show now, I don't quite get her. Oh, Doctor Rhys (I got his name off the front page of the Erinsborough News) just mentioned Room 414, which means there are at least 414 rooms in the Erinsborough Hospital... doesn't it? Maybe not, that was a misapprehension.

I just looked Freya Stafford up on wikipedia and discovered that, although she had a bicycle accident two years ago, 'she did not sustain any major scaring on her face.'

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