Wednesday, January 18, 2012

neighbours 2012

Charlotte McCammey? She's a piece of work. 'The partners have to consider their 'uptions'. Man Toadie is so going to start his own law practice with the huge payout he gets from 'the partners' and the girl in purple (Anna) as receptionist.

Loving the art on Toadie/Sonya's wall. Not the Calum drawing, the 70s brassy picture. Goes with the lamp and the fern. Today Sonya is wearing a... oh it's just ridiculous.

Tash's storyline about studying 'Contemporary Arts', an 'easy subject' because 'uni is all about parties', is kind of dull, actually it's dumb, because her chumz are unable to be certain whether other subjects (such as advanced economics and brain surgery if I remember correctly - it was about ten minutes ago) are more interesting or more ultimately financially rewarding.

Lucas' garage has become a sinister, terrifying location for Chris Pappas who is now imagining the roller door falling down as he hears his own tortured breathing. The guy playing Chris Pappas' father George really looks familiar. Was he once a teen actor on Neighbours fifteen years ago?

Wikipedia is blacked out so I can't check out who plays him, so I went to the Neighbours website, which I feel is a little in need of updating ie because it says stuff like:

2009 is shaping up to be a big year for 12-year-old Kaiya Jones; she started high school and scored a regular role on Neighbours as Sophie Ramsay. Not a bad start.

Well, so Wednesday was the day on Neighbours when (1) Toadie solved all his problems (2) Tash decided she was going to do the loser 'fun' subject Contemporary Arts which any nong could do and (3) Tash decided she was not going to do the loser 'fun' subject Contemporary Arts and (3) Chris couldn't, and then could, return to automobile maintenance (4) Toadie made some more problems for himself.

George Pappas is played by Lliam Amor. Is that an anagram of something? Aside from Rim O'Llama. (He has a blog and a baby)

And then it ended. It was great! Can't wait for tomorrow's.

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