Friday, January 27, 2012

neighbours 2012

Do you think that despite himself Dr Rhys is becoming drawn to Erin? I don't know enough about Dr Rhys to know whether he has a heart or not. Erin seemingly wears the same clothes all the time, that's interesting. No, now he's doing extra devious and appalling things to suggest Erin is an alcoholic. He really needs a moustache to twirl.

The woman who is talking with Karl looks very familiar. She must have been in something. I wonder what. Nice how Dr Rhys is lurking round corners to listen in to their discussions.

Sonya is going to have Susan's baby. Oh no, a sex montage. That was horrible. I'm glad it was really short. I assume if you see fireworks and trains in stations, that conception has taken hold. Certainly Sonya's head has gotten bigger.

Dr Rhys is going to celebrate getting into the surgery programme by cutting someone's hand off and attaching it to their head like a cocky crest.

Well, Dr Rhys isn't the only person who knows how to lurk.

Then it ceased. Good show what! I am very much anticipating next week's run of instalments.

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