Tuesday, January 17, 2012

neighbours 2012

'Dasha' Blahova in 2009. Check out full article here.

Spiderboy is called Corey. Sophie's not touching her soda.

Now I see for the first time the Eastvale devleopment picture. 10 cinemas! I would have enjoyed that version of Neighbours, where they just went to the movies all the time. Now we are in Chris' hospital room, not only does he have an x-ray on the wall he also has a still life and a diagram of an ear. Oh, and a painting with tall trees and a red road. Someone's given him a get well card with a labrador on it.

I reckon Anna the receptionist should be more of a character, the way she said 'Toadie?' it was cool. And as for the delivery of the line 'I've already told the police everything I know'... and the 'there was one thing.' The man who bashed Chris had a tattoo of the word 'Dasha', no doubt a reference to Dasha Blahova, who was part of the original Neighbours cast. Her name wasn't really Dasha Blahova, it was/is Dagmar. I was once in Chippendale post office and she was in it. It's been closed down now and neither of us could be there.

(Unless we bought an apartment there: it is now the ugly face of an uglier building. I stole this picture of what it looks like now from flickr where someone thinks so highly of their own photography 'skillz' they won't allow it to be shared. I took it back!!! Razz! Kill!)

OK actually it was Dasher. Like the reindeer. I think they are on the wrong track looking for a greyhound. Anyway Sophie had more luck being stalked by Corey. It seems like Chris's injuries have done something to his head and now he is no longer interested in cars (I have no idea what he used to be interested in but I assume it was cars). Lucas and Kyle have spotted the guy who they think bashed Chris. He has turned up to watch stock footage of a greyhound race apparently. Even he doesn't realise Dasher was a reindeer and the woman who played Marier, Max Ramsay's indeterminately originating but certainly European wife and mother to Danny and Shane.

They're at the Broadmeadows greyhound track, just down the road from here. I've never been there, I'm surprised that's what it looks like.

Wow, lamest blackmail ever, and it worked. Sophie just got Andrew to let her go and see Corey by saying she'd tell Paul he let her kiss Corey if he didn't let her go and kiss Corey now. This could go on and on.

I wish Kyle would change his shirt.

The basher who owns Dasher just named Toadie as the facilitator of the bashing. The police will go for that. The scottie policeman referred to Chris as 'Chris Paparse', and I'm not joking.

No Doctor Rhys this episode. Never see Toadie and Doctor Rhys in the same place. Come to think of it we never see Spiderboy Corey and anyone else in the same place.

Long ad for Young Talent Time. They know Mia wants to watch the news and they're just trying to annoy us. Now Toadie is going to get arrested. 'Some new information has come to light.'

Then it ended. It was great! Can't wait for tomorrow's. Oh tomorrow is going to be good. And Tash, who I'd forgotten about, is back, studying something she's not interested in.

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Petticoats and Chrome said...

That is a truely hideous development of the post office.

The original facade highlights the vandalism.