Tuesday, January 24, 2012

neighbours 2012

It’s the actor who plays Erin who has it tough. She’s the one who has to put forward this thing about being flattered, confused and thrilled when Dr Rhys throws out these sort of full-on hardcore capital H hints about how he Really Likes Her.

‘My brother took me to the Brink last weekend at St Kilda’ Corey says to Sophie. Sophie has apparently seen Zero, so I guess she is older than she looks – they split up around 32 years ago. Maybe she meant Xiro, I think they split in ’84.

Lot of product placement for Harold’s Store going on – close-ups on uniforms and the shopfront. He should open a chain. I wonder who the girl behind the counter is – she looks like she has a story to tell. I hope she appears again soon.

Kate has Sophie's stationery list for Year 9. I am not quite sure why this requires P S Y C H O music, or the megadramatic grimace on Kate's face as they go to ad break. That was almost blue steel!

Then I changed the channel. It was great though! I can't wait for tomorrow's.

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