Tuesday, January 24, 2012

neighbours 2012

Does Dr Rhys live with Kyle and Jade or has he broken in to their house?

Is Kate like a greek chorus of one? Why does she hate Summer (the person)? Why is Karl drinking out of a baked bean can? Why is Paul talking to Karl? Have they ever met before? I have a feeling they should have been introduced. Karl is very open to suggestion, all it took was for Paul to tell him to get the feminine stuff out of his house and next scene you know he's doing it. In-karl-red-ipaul.

I love the Rhys-Kyle-Jade house's backlit cupboards.

Erin has this thing about how ugly she is. It's so bizarre that they got someone like this to play this character. You'd think there were no objectively ugly actresses or something. It's ghastly to think they found this person to play this character. Anyway, I am finding this whole thing really awkward.

Now Paul is focusing on Karl's penis. I don't know what happened between Karl and Susan, it's just you know, the 105th bust up between those two. You could compile a shortlist, without even thinking, of the things that will bring them together again (potentially fatal illness, potentially fatal fire, Susan will get a new love interest, Karl won't).

What did Kate do that means she can't do now whatever job she previously did? I suppose I could research this too. Michael has 'back to back meetings' - what kind of meetings are these perchance? It's some kind of variation on face to face meetings I suppose. Now he's resigned. Way to get out of the show man. He's going surfing with Freya Stafford.

I loved the way that Dr Rhys, his evil plan working, can barely bear to touch Erin when she hugs him. Why does Dr Rhys tell Kate constantly what he's up to in this crafty scheme? She could, let's face it, just warn Erin that Dr Rhys is evil, and why isn't she doing that? Oh, wait, back from ad break and she's doing it. Cool scene coming up. She slapped him that was reasonably rad. It was funny then the perspective on tiny Karl. I'm going to have to research the Kate-employment thing, and the Kate-Sophie thing. I guess they are probably connected.

Then it ended. It was grouse! Can't wait for the next ep.

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