Thursday, January 19, 2012

neighbours 2012

Sonya and Toadie are looking at the enormous payout he's being offered - six figures (so, starting at $1000.00). But they're not saying how much, as they never do in Neighbours unless it's 20c. Why do they have that policy? It's not like they'll be able to show it in 5 years and pretend it's still new.

Freya Stafford has just shown Lucas her naked body in a book. Now Paul is looking at it too. I wish I knew her character's name, sorry. There is a very loud rock band playing in the other room so if she told me I wouldn't be able to hear it. It's like being at the Red Cotton show except I am not kissing a small boy in a spiderman outfit.

Toadie is looking for a new job on some kind of online job thing. Here's Calum anyway, who we haven't seen for a month. Paul has a journalist lined up to interview Toadie although he (Paul) now describes himself as a journalist too.

Purple Anna is still wearing purple.

Tash's father whatsisname is wearing pyjamas in Harold's. Tash is wearing a yurt. Charlotte McCammey has come in and asked to be a character in the show fulltime. That is the subtext. She likes that he's a straight shooter who won't back down, so do 'the partners.' Paul has noticed that Charlotte McCammey looks like Rebecca, and so assumes the writers have marked her as his future love interest.

Freya Stafford is remembering the old days, which once would have meant remembering in black and white but now means remembering in bleached-out yellow. She and Tash's father once practiced surfing on a precarious frontyard surfboard. I don't quite understand whether she is meant to be thinking she wishes she was with him or that this was symbolic of some other very free period she once had, when she could be either nude or precariously on a skateboard or having it off with a man while his wife drowns.

Then it ended. It was great! Can't wait till tomorrow's.


no comments yet said...

Is Freya the woman by Lassiter Lake remembering good times with a dude who was not lucas?

Is Lucas always destined to be unlucky in love? Did he catch that from Stephanie Scully?

where is SS?

David said...

Yes, she is remembering good times with Tash's father. Yes, Lucas has an unlucky face.
SS is in der prison for killing Ringo.