Wednesday, January 11, 2012

neighbours 2012

Lou, Tash, Caullum and Sophie are in the opening credits, and have not yet appeared in the show. What's going on? John Wood is in a flashback however - maybe he's playing Callum now. Susan is being a detective. Now she's talking to some guy called Kyle. He has a limp, I wonder who he is. Now Paul is doing the same kind of thing, or something. Now Kyle is arguing with some girl and now she's kissing him.* Apparently they have sex a lot, according to their brownshirted, browntied room mate. Actually i think that's the doctor who saved Chris. I have forgotten whatever I was meant to know about him.

Now Sonya is wearing a flannie.

So is Paul the only reporter on the Erinsborough News? I wonder if Paul has any kind of deja vu reporting on this whole pull-down-the-whole-of-Erinsborough thing, since that's what brought him back to town ten years ago or whenever. Great Paul line: 'Why does everyone get their hackles up when I show a skerrick of benevolence?' He's really happy about the shopping centre development being over. I am confused about this. He's quoting Bob Hawke too. He's talking about the little people to a white haired man whose head-back is the only thing we can see. Classic end-of-scene Neighbours where the background music in the pub ends in a kind of groan-scream.

* Jade. I don't know who she is.

Then I got up to feed the cats and my foot totally went to sleep. It was nice feeling it wake up for a while then it got really weird and ticklish. Has Karl had a hair transplant? He seems to have more hair than he used to. Another headback person just gave Karl and littledoctor a drink. He's going to visit his quadraplegic, illiterate mother and reading the newspaper. 'I'm-so-proud-of-you,' she says, the way people who can only use their mouths talk. 'You-must-be-the-star-of-the-surgery-program.' I wonder who he is, and why. A blonde lady is suggesting he run someone over with a bus to get into a surgery program or something. Rad.

Something weird happened with littledoctor. He needs to be taken down a peg or two. Too many long blacks, Karl thinks. But he is actually going to take the nobbling advice.

Then it ended. It was great! Can't wait for tomorrow's.