Friday, January 20, 2012

neighbours 2012

Rhys is cracking onto a woman called Erin who is apparently unattractive (I think you can tall this by the fact she has long, dribbly hair, at least, there is absolutely nothing else about her that would indicate this) but Kate is getting in the way because she is suspicious.

Freya Stafford's character's name is Emilia, or at least, that is what she is known as on the Neighbours website. Here she is with Lucas and his nudity. Now she is zooming on his penis.

Susan is going to end up living with this woman called Priya. I am a bit confused about their friendship but for some reason it has gone from enmity to frenmity in a nanosecond. I wonder who she is. Oh they are bonding over husbands, or lack of.

Note at the front of the hospital ambulances go one way and emergency is in the other direction. Sounds potentially troublesome. Rhys and Ugly are going to a vietnamese place in Box Hill. And that's all. Not much happened, really. Half an hour of my life I'll never get back. Mind you, I could have spent it being offensive and ghastly, so at least it kept me out of trouble ay.

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Anonymous said...

I thought that SHE was the CENTREFOLD and that Lucas was objecting to her nudiity. Didn't she use his objection to her love of being Olympia as a reason to break up. Lucas kind of reminds me of a dude who used to be in 80s early 90s bandscene. Does Lucas say things like "rockin'" and "i've got a lift happenin'"?