Tuesday, January 10, 2012

neighbours 2012

Today as Toady discusses the strange business of his framing by Peter Noonan, he is wearing a scout uniform. The woman at reception at Noonan Enterprises was obviously going to help him out as she had a speaking role. Karl is apparently cohabiting with Sky now. He said she was very much a part of the household, at least he didn't say 'family'. He is looking younger. Here is someone called Aden, I wonder who he is (a nurse, but is he otherwise a character?). They are very concerned about this strange person called Chris, whose only decoration in his hospital room is his own ribs' x-ray. I see Chris is in Room 123. Does that mean there are at least 123 rooms in Erinsborough Hospital? There may even be 124. Sonya today is wearing a glittery cowboy jacket over a spotty shirt dress.

Paul is here. He appears out of breath. He appears to be Rupert Murdochesque, on a small scale, insisting on an interview on something or other for I assume his newspaper, or for Paultel.

I don't understand what the problem is with Susan and Karl but I have to say I am fairly not interested in the third major bust up of their Neighbours tenure. It's hard to know what incarnation of their family unit they'd be most likely to put on display, there must be a hundred. At least they still have that mental family portrait on display above the fireplace.

Toady's name is actually spelt J-a-r-r-o-d.

I really should look at the website or something to get some appropriate background to figure out why Karl and Susan have split up this time, but I'm worried I might get bored.

Then it ended. It was great! Can't wait for tomorrow's.