Wednesday, May 04, 2005

that last one was a lie

Or at least the last part of it was, just to create controversy. Today's Achewood was really great anyway, at least the bit where Ray says he figures he may as well find out if he is a savant. We didn't get the paper delivered this morning, or at least, it came so late I only had time to read the front page, and my faux-cranky snapping didn't make the front page, I can tell you that (at least not of The Age).

Sometimes the newsagent just doesn't deliver and it really gets up my nose. The weird bit is that the nearest delivering newsagent to us would be in Glenroy, which is miles away. I mean surely the Gladstone Park newsagent is about half as far away. I think there is a culture in Gladstone Park, where houses are $50 000 more than they are around our way and it gets even cheaper the further east you go, of just ignoring our area altogether. When I joined the Gladstone Park Video Ezy the guy in the shop asked where Jacana was - and I'd walked there, in 20 minutes! Very weird attitudes. I mean The Age's printing facilty is probably closer to us than the Glenroy newsagent.

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