Friday, May 20, 2005

snot on drycleaner ad

Someone has done something very witty outside the drycleaners' at Gladstone Park. There is a sign featuring an advertisement in which two young professionals, man and woman, are walking side by side and she has her hand on his arse through his suit jacket. The ad says something about them being very clean. Someone has stuck what looks like, but surely cannot be, an enormous sluglike snot deposit between her fingers.

Maybe I am middle class but I can't believe this is really snot. Mainly because I don't want to think someone in Gladstone Park discovered an incredible stash in their nose and decided to drive down to the shopping centre in their 4WD (see, I am already starting to believe it) and ran in there to stick it in the absolutely wittiest place for such a thing in Gladstone Park or the north west generally.

More likely it's a snotlike item, maybe something from the food hall which is not that far from the dry cleaner's.

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boy said...

In an attempt to contain Melbourne's snot epidemic and to gain an edge in the competitive marketplace, it is likely to be a new dry cleaning service.