Friday, May 20, 2005

say it loud

I have never liked Jimmy Barnes, and his so-called biography Say it Loud is not helping. For one thing, he has a ghost writer to help him, but if the ghost writer has improved the situation I cannot imagine what a book by Jimmy would be like. It's so badly written it's scary. Not only spelling errors but full of highly annoying typographical quirks like, every band name in italics, and (a bit like James Freud's book, which is Tolstoy compared to this) someone appears to have just done some research on him and put it in front of him to jog his addled memory, which means that no myths are challenged and plenty are regurgitated word for word. Yet, I continue to read it, despite not only not liking Jimmy, I am not even interested in his work. I caught two seconds of him barking something out on the ABC during the week (I think it was 'Chain of Fools') and I said to Mia how amazing it was that people would actually want to listen to something so unappealing but more to the point so characterless. And yet, I continue to read his 'life story'. He calls Dragon 'Dragons', for god's sake. And yet...

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Anonymous said...

Wow, this sounds like a bitch with a bad temper, if you do not like the man, do not read the book - you stupid woman.

Michael from Brussels