Thursday, May 19, 2005

last night I dreamt I took a train to Mildura

The train station was labyrinthine. I paid a lot. I had forgotten to pack a bag and the train was just about to leave. I had a lot of thick books in my hand. I said to the stationmaster, 'does the train go all the way to Mildura now?' and he said, 'Did it ever?' So, do I have to educate people even in my dreams?


Anonymous said...

This dream will come true - I swear it - in early 2007. I will make it happen. Jim Betts

David said...

And the electrification of the railway line to Craigieburn?

Anonymous said...

...will be completed in late 2006 or thereabouts. That's assuming the network isn't clogged with high velocity tourists from Bendigo by then JB.