Thursday, May 12, 2005

blood on david bishop's knuckles

It was a great Neighbours moment last night when David Bishop realised (but how??? I missed Monday's show) that Paul Robinson was responsible for all his problems, and punched him in the face. Excellent stuff. Actually I am only assuming that Paul is responsible, because I missed some episodes before. I have always liked Paul though I think his present ultra-schemer incarnation is possibly over the top, but I guess he doesn't have Helen around to give him a softer edge.

I can hear all these kids from the high school next door (I assume it's them and not people on this campus) yelling and banging things. Sounds like they're really getting some release from it all.

Last night I watched Medium, what a tedious show with a great premise.

Add to my list of books being read Thomas More's Utopia and Jimmy Barnes' biography I've Always Been Bogawful. That's right, two more books about rock music. I have never liked Barnes. His book is an 'as told to' and the person it was told to didn't know how to write either. Fas-cin-ating. And take Bridget Griffen-Foley off the list as I returned her to the library.

Mia and I went to an excellent Vietnamese restaurant in Glenroy last night. It was very clean and casual. I had tofu and beansprouts. I love Asian restaurants with a tray of sauces (that chili sauce that looks like tomato sauce and is a bit chemical-y being a personal favourite). I also had a green bean and coconut milk drink - fantastic. I don't know why but since I cut down radically on coffee I have really upped my sweet drink intake. I am right into this chai (I'd never had chai in my life before about three weeks ago) you get in a cafe in Swan st. My teeth are really brown, I noticed yesterday. Maybe a trip to the dentist is in order. Have 'em all out.


AB said...

There was no trigger for David Bishop's realisation about Paul.

Don't have all your teeth removed just yet. Since 20 April 2005 you have been eligible to use revitalise 40 plus toothpaste. I use it and have the teeth of a 39 year old. AB

Anonymous said...

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