Monday, May 02, 2005

cold feet

At last winter is approaching, after the most ridiculously hot April. I have definitively cold feet. We even let the dogs sleep in the laundry last night, it was so cold. I think I will build them a kennel with the aid of the home handyman book I bought at an op shop in Haberfield a few weeks ago. Indeed that would never happen if I lived to a hundred.

The show yesterday was a great success, we were all thrilled with ourselves I would say, I did not remember the lyrics but I had them stuck to my ride stand with an ingenious rubber band and clothes peg arrangement unfortunately I couldn't see them all the time but I had my wits about me and just made stuff up. We played with La Huva who were a really smart, snappy little rock band. Very Sydney but in a good way (there are good ways).

Having stayed up late last night to write a lecture I am now kind of running late to get to work.


SM said...

Now we just have to wait and see if your popularity grows beyond the borders of Poland after last night's show.

sm said...

Is it worth mentioning that you have left Levon Helm's Racing Team to branch out on your own?

bls said...

i can't believe you make your dogs sleep outside. shame on you - they should be in your bed!