Sunday, June 28, 2020

never ends

Of course I had grand plans for today to get ten pages done blah blah, but I didn't count on being pretty bored by having to do all this plot driven talky stuff which is no more fun to look at/read than it is to draw (although at least it's quick to look at/read). I had to draw another new character as well, who I'd forgotten about last night when I drew them up, it's Sherman's friend Ace. Little does Ace suspect that he had a much greater storyline once in an earlier version but I think this might actually be the only time we see him. He is a goat. I guess. 

So as it transpired I got two pages drawn today not ten but I will get more done tomorrow and get over this hump. It just has to be done. I am learning a lot about narrative from doing this, by the way, it is absolutely not a waste of time in the sense of developing a better perspective on explaining and revealing ideas as a writer. I think that's true. That's my spin anyway. 

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