Wednesday, June 17, 2020

madonna dream

I wish I could remember more about the dream I had that Madonna was horrifically murdered at quite a young age and everyone either didn't know or had forgotten, and we all only remembered the great first few albums. This is definitely a dreamed belief because in my opinion the first album is/was great but Like a Virgin and True Blue (was that the third album?) are poor efforts and she didn't really come back as far as I was concerned - I'm aware my opinion is worthless here - until Music, Ray of Light etc. Also she wasn't murdered, but I semi-woke up and kind of dwelt on the awfulness of her death. I am glad she's OK because I actually really like Madonna and a lot of her work, and her existence, has given me a lot of pleasure. 

What inspired the dream? Don't know. Flame Fortune, who was actually murdered a few years after I knew her, was talked about as Australia's answer to Madonna for about two minutes, although she was not even Australian, so go figure. I was thinking about Flame yesterday or the day before. Also, I think I read a quick overview/review of Warren Beatty's Dick Tracy film on its 30th anniversary - which Madonna is in - but I feel like I read that after the dream, who knows. 

By the way the dream was not of her murder, but of seeing her in a video for one of her very early songs, like 'Holiday' or similar, in a gritty, rained-on bluestone (?) street, and being reminded, via a voiceover or a comment from a random in the room, that she was dead within a year. Nasty. 

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