Sunday, June 28, 2020

don't stop till three or four hours after you get enough

I am not sure if you are sick of these constant graphic novel updates but I must admit I am pretty self-obsessed pleased with at least some aspects of the overall. I mean you're never going to get anything 100% the way you want it are you. But the overall has a certain appeal. I liked my off-the-cuff drawing of Impertinu addressing the crew of the tv show of which two are known (Raydot, the assistant or continuity person or something, and Ace, who I liked enough to bring back for one more brief appearance before he goes off to his own untold, unknown story) and two others - Alpine Hat and Sort of Hippy Sad Face. 
I still haven't done the lettering so I will make sure to get that done before the end of the night, it will take a couple of hours probably because I have to make it neat and smart looking (I've already revamped two pages because I did the lettering in a slapdash way that demeaned everyone). 
This was the only other thing today I did off-the-cuff, which I was pretty pleased with, though it's completely meaningless (maybe that's why I like it). 

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