Tuesday, June 09, 2020

anything worth doing is going to give you grief

I decided it was the lettering in this section of the graphic novel, not the drawing, that was letting me down so I am trying to white it out but gee it's tough, some speech just won't be silenced. If worst comes to worst I can scan it and erase the text but that's an extra layer of hassle. I'll get there. The other day I had a total epiphany about big sections of the narrative that had baffled me previously and now I feel much more confident about producing something bearable.

The other issue I'm presently having is keeping everything in one place and knowing where I'm at. Also, I am uncertain about whether I should be thinking about the work in terms of tone/shade elements across each page eg should Billy's jacket be black (it's dark blue, in my mind) and should the carpet in Grace and Sheldon's condo (or whatever it is) be grey or black or - ? I think I might scan it in and make it grey, it's cheating a bit but I don't trust myself to execute a grey manually... or do I? Maybe I could get some grey paint of some description. Don't know how that would scan though...

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