Monday, August 08, 2005

other blogs and aussie crawl and chis(el)

Scientists one day will certainly declare me the most interesting person of my kind. On the rare occasions I click on the things I apparently like in my profile I get a list of other people who apparently like these things too, and they are also (1) staggeringly boring (2) bible bashers and (3) only posted once on their blog, in 2003. I suppose I should take heart from this palaver. I might as well, what else could I take from it?

The two blogs I regularly enjoy are booker street and tooly bird. I have absolutely no idea who these people are but by gum they seem decent.

All other blogs are stupid as far as I can tell. Also it's an ugly word.

Speaking of ugly I have been listening to a bit of Aussie Crawl and Chis in the car. AC singles were really good - at present I have Sons of Beaches on high rotation and 'Downhearted' is a great song - but the band are just arses. They totally overplay everything (no wonder 'Reckless' was such a breath of fresh air, it doesn't have 25 bad guitar solos going at once) and the songs have no dynamics. Also, James Reyne's affectedness starts to sound really perverse after a while. Chis pretty much suck. The album I have in the car is Circus Animals. It has 'When the War is Over' (I used to work with someone who sang this at the top of his voice often) and 'You Got Nothing I Want', another piece of a-grade misogyny masquerading as working class (sacrilege! the working class have never been misogynistic).


Wayne said...

One of my interests (Toolybird blog) links me to New York drag star Lady Bunny(!)

David, I'm sure we've met at some stage, I think we shared a cab or something. Back in '83

David said...

A sav cab as I recall (os readers: a special cab shaped like a sausage)

ginger said...

David, you may like to view my poetry blog - It's not my poetry - it's written by other people who are better at it than I. You'll note that I never discuss personal issues, although my increasing addiction to Lorriane Crescent over the last couple of weeks has COMPLETELY CHANGED MY VIEW of the possibilities of the "intimate" blog. Simon and I were a bit put out though that we didn't rate a stand-alone posting when we had dinner at yours - merely a nostaligic reference a few days later. But other than that you're doing a first rate job.