Wednesday, August 24, 2005

got in early

I managed to see a curious natural phenomenon this morning - the very beginnings of the daily congestion where at the majestic meeting of the Calder and Tullamarine Freeways - whereas you're supposed to slow down to 75km to make that turn, we all had to slow to about 60 to negotiate the junction. It was a fascinating, and somewhat mystical, event and it happens every weekday for reasons still unknown.

Last night I watched Afterlife, a British psychic thriller which I actually feel is pretty much trash dressed up as class but I kind of enjoy it anyway. There's a welsh police show on late at night on Channel 7 on Tuesdays which Chrissie G wouldn't stop talking about last weekend so I taped that too.

I was able to borrow a bound volume of various issues of Oz from the library at Melbourne Uni yesterday. Very interesting material. They were really down on the Beatles, which I respect, and published information that there was severe underattendance at the Beatles' Sydney concert. If this is so, it's certainly not part of the Beatles-in-Australia myth, and I find it very interesting. But in fact I can't believe it was so.


roberto21abigail said...

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Anonymous said...

I like Afterlife, though I agree with your assessment. It would be interesting to know how much they admit to ripping of Medium with Patricia Arquette, which is better in some ways (story lines, as in so many US shows and contrary to perceived wisdom, are slightly more complex and interesting; the male sidekick, Alison's husband, is way spunkier than that DOOFUS Egg who ruins every show he's in; Alison's children provide a through-line for the "gift" etc), but not in other ways (the Alison of Afterlife is more certifiably loopy and you never quite know if her visions are real or just part of her disease). Or alternatively, it might just be a case of collective unconscious, and somehow the world has thrown up two shows about mediums called Alison, because all the ideas are actually floating around in space waiting to find minds to adhere to. Who knows.

Ginger said...

I didn't mean to be anonymous in that last comment. I stand by everything I said and don't care who knows it.

David said...

Of course mediums are going to be called Alison, as it is an anagram of 'liason' (between living and dead), 'Sail on' (eg river Styx, you know), 'O Nails' (i.e. Poe's story about the scratch marks on the inside of the coffin) and of course 'O Snail' (eg Salvador Dali's snails on a manikin). Not forgetting 'as lion' i.e. like a lion = Aslan = God.