Friday, August 05, 2005

jumpers and sunbury

I was boasting to Mia the other day that while she was away I had washed ALL THE JUMPERS. This morning as she was getting ready to go to work (and I was getting ready to sleep another hour) she challenged me to show her where they were. There were none. I had washed ALL THE JUMPERS then apparently worn ALL THE JUMPERS and they were back in the bathroom basket. Cue canned laughter or more appropriately 'wah-woh' trumpet.

This afternoon I took my mother and Judy Hogg to the airport and afterwards saw a sign that said, Sunbury. Sunbury is the other real conurbation in the City of Hume and I don't remember ever going there. It is only 18 km away. So I drove there just at 2 o'clock, and just on 3 o'clock I was driving back, thinking, well, I could have done a lot of things in that hour, but at least now I know. Admittedly while in Sunbury I did achieve the major goal of the day (other than taking Jane and Judy to the airport) which was to buy a pumpkin.

Whew! Achievement. Feels so fine.


Anonymous said...

A week or so ago you were planning to go to Sunbury to buy a bookcase. Didn't you go to Sunbury then? Or is this some kind of blog comprehension test?

David said...

They have no bookcases in Sunbury.