Tuesday, August 09, 2005

every day is sorry day

I have noticed in the last year or so people (younger people particularly) saying sorry to me a lot, if they walk in front of me or hold me up or whatever. Is it because I have started finally to look old? And the young have started finally to respect old people? Surely not. Maybe I flounce about like I own the place, so it's really my aggressive nature that people are responding to. If so, why don't I get more punches in the face?

Speaking of sorry someone should say sorry for Parkville Gardens, which I accidentally drove past this afternoon. Only a few years ago we were walking dogs through this place - it was a mental health facility that closed in around 1999 - and space was one thing it had plenty of. Now it is unbelievably densely packed with ugly two-storey houses. Picture shows site from north-east corner, so you can also see the Kensington housing commission high rise and the notorious cheese stick just for added atmos. Publishing pictures of it is probably an offense under international law anyway as our invaluable Commonwealth athletes are going to be living there next year praise god.


Anonymous said...

I dropped some papers on the floor of the bus today and a school girl scooped them up for me. I was rather touched. I thanked her but should I have asked her to clean my shoes while there? Lovely gel.

boy said...

Strangers give me neck rubs all the time. Perhaps I look too tense.