Monday, August 08, 2005

it's going to be a weary day

I am already starting on the wrong foot having had only five hours' sleep. I was working on today's lecture last night while watching Jacob's Ladder (which I saw when it came out) with the other eye. The lecture is a comparison of indigenous people's experience of settler societies in Canada, NZ and Australia. Luckily I found an essay I wrote as an undergraduate ten years ago where I cover a lot of these topics very well. Me at 30 is my own research assistant. The essay was one of the few that got an HD.


bls said...

i am shocked and appalled that you compose your lectures USED FOR TEACHING while watching movies. shame on you!

David said...

I was only revising. Since most of the students sleep in the lectures as per the cliche I feel I have the consciousness advantage.
I actually find it easier to concentrate on mundane tasks while half-following a plot.

boy said...

Great lectures always have some reference, however minute, to the early films of Tim Robbins.