Saturday, August 20, 2005

not an atypical saturday

The dogs hadn't been for a walk for a few days, so we went round the lake. Actually we went round the creek, as the creek and lake are divided by a small stretch of land (I will not call it an isthmus) and we crossed the creek and walked the track to the end of the lake and then came back. There are literally tonnes of ducks in both creek and lake. You can tell from the pictures that Millie and Charlie haven't been out in the daytime much, they look like goths. Charlie has very pronounced bags, kind of Marilyn Manson-ish; Millie is I think a little more Bowie. They had a prancey kind of tussle too which I was glad to capture for edification of my billions of readers.


michelhill3202 said...
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Wayne said...

Millie and Charlie look adorable.

I see someone has spammed your blog as well.