Sunday, July 31, 2005

you'll enjoy this post if you can't read

I seem finally to be able to post images. Of course last time I did this they disappeared overnight (that's my story). I have accumulated quite a few pictures many of them from my mobile, but a lot of them I have kind of forgotten the relevance. Here (somewhere, I can't figure out how to arrange them to my satisfaction) is a picture of when it was very foggy in Lorraine Crescent a few weeks ago. I seem to remember thinking of this photograph, at the time, 'yeah that's exactly how it looks'. Unfortunately the mist failed to obscure the pretty damaged car that our neighbours have had on their verge for the last year, but if I shut one eye it's hardly there.

Also you will see a picture of Charlie being naughty, something we oh so rarely see around here. Millie blithely attends to sucking her leg, a hobby she'd go mad without. I seem to recall Charlie was destroying a small box, which I was happy for her to do (in a sense) because it had a stain on it or something - I had originally picked it up for long-term storage from Pascoe Vale Road Market but decided it was itself damaged goods. It was not to know how damaged goods could be.

Also a picture of the flyover on Flinders Street being demolished, which I took from the train a few weeks back. Kind of what you might call an action shot.

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