Thursday, July 21, 2005

briefly missing millie

Millie went missing briefly when we went out for a walk a little while ago. I chose to walk an unusual route (there is a kind of a path under the electricity pylons in the park opposite our house on the Gladstone Park side; it's obviously been carved out of the hill, but it's also been allowed to grow over; I decided to follow it) and she failed to notice, I suppose. After a while I realised she wasn't there (actually, Charlie drew this to my attention by jumping around weirdly as though she was now in control) and started looking around. Finally I saw her on the side of the hill being harrassed by a red setter. I was surprised I could see anything so far away, but I could. The fact that the RS was having a go made it hard for her to focus her attention on me and Charlie in the distance. Anyway I finally gave in and started walking towards her. She ran at full pelt towards me (Charlie met her en route) and then ran beyond me as well with her dumbass tongue hanging out as though she had never been lost at all. Anyway, we were reunited. Then she and Charlie were harrassed by some dobermens. But it was OK.

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danny said...

yay! Millie could get her own blog, like Sam:

then we could hear more about the dobermans.