Sunday, July 24, 2005

mustard prank

Last night at Jane and Gavin's for dinner we listened to an entire Stiff Little Fingers live album. Gavin kept talking about class war. Shane kept defending South Park on the basis 'it funny'. Sadie wants a carpet python. I went to the bathroom (eg toilet) and when I came back there was some dijonnaise on my spoon. I would not have noticed it if Polly had not made a reference to it but I had finished eating the delightful dessert anyway. Shane told me to guess what would happen next time I went to the bathroom and I wanted to make some crass reference to excreting mustard, or dijonnaise, but I couldn't remember the words for either. Then I woke up.

1 comment:

boy said...

It was probably sesame-seeded banana custard made specially for you by a young girl and now you've gone and broke her heart. Try to be more trusting in the future, David.