Saturday, July 30, 2005

neighbours' 20th

I was pretty entranced by Neighbours' 20th year, with the Wednesday show being a particularly bright spot, where Annalise showed all the little video segments of well-wishers from around the world. I have been watching Neighbours most consistently of anyone I know, and even I didn't recognise all the people, so god only knows what most viewers (who you'd assume are teens and under) made of it. The guy purporting to be Danny Ramsay was unusual. But the writers/etc have been very skilfull in keeping the various storylines going around the general backslapping, which has been great. The short presences of Phil, Lance, Doug etc were nifty though judging by Friday's show Lance has been written out in a blaze of immediacy which is a shame as the Lance-Connor rivalry was riotously funny. That said, at the end of the day when all's said and done, the constant references to a gay subtext to the 'house of trouser' is starting to get up my nose - it's walking the line less and less successfully all the time. Hard to tell how long Joe's staying around but I enjoy him, still.

The Karl/Izzy stuff was great, though, and the Boyd/Kayla/Steph/Max/Ashlleiighhe storyline, though showing Steph in her usual revolting light (you know, that tomboy biker chick who justwantsababee) and Boyd in his usual cringeworthiness, is still pretty compelling. Has Summer really gone? That was a hasty exit if so but she seems to still be in the opening credits, however that might be to quell our anxieties.

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Maggie said...

The new colour scheme is terrific.